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What Are Pheromones?

, December 10, 2011

Pheromones, do you know what they are or how they work? Did you know they may have a significant impact on attraction and in turn your sex life? Right about now you may be thinking that you have never seen any of the best pheromones! You would be correct in your assumption you have never actually seen a pheromone, but you have very likely smelled them. These chemicals are present in animals, plants and humans and stimulate different responses.


Pheromones are chemicals released by one entity to affect the actions of others in the same species. While most of what you hear about pheromones is linked to sexual activity this is but one of many functions of the chemical. In the animal and plant kingdom, there are many different uses for pheromones including:

  • Alarm
  • Aggregation (kind of an call all affect)
  • Epideictic- warning: certain female insects will leave this pheromone behind warning others to lay their eggs elsewhere.
  • Trail- commonly seen in ants these insects lay down a trail of chemicals for the rest to follow
  • Occupied- animals commonly mark their territory sometimes to attract a mate but many times to alert visitors that the area is already occupied.
  • Mating- the pheromone designation that most people are familiar with, insects, animals and humans emit a pheromone to attract a suitable mate.

These are but a few of the identified pheromone purposes. Scientists believe that each species is equipped with special olfactory senses to detect these chemicals. Yet this is where the discussion commonly fractures. Some say that humans have no such special sense for top-rated pheromones yet studies show distinct effect on behavior when they are introduced. Our recommended pheromones | Buy-Pheromones.org include androstenone pheromones.

The McClintock Effect is the best-known study on human pheromone interaction. In the study, women were exposed to a whiff of sweat from other women. In each case, the scent from other women had a decided effect on menstrual cycles, depending on when the sweat was collected. Women are already aware of this effect whether they realize what it is called or not, they know that when a group of women congregate regularly their menstrual cycles will synchronize.


Perfume manufactures have spent decades synthesizing pheromones to add to their products. Perfumes, colognes and body sprays often claim to contain human sex hormones, or at least their synthetic versions. The power of smell is definitely undeniable as is already evidenced by the multi-billion dollar cologne industry and when you add a few pheromones to the mix as well; the results could be quite impressive.


So, what is a pheromone? It is a unique chemical signature that many living things on the planet can utilize to affect the actions of those of the same species. Whether it is used for protection as in the alarm or aggregate, signal or simply for mating it is a very useful tool by all accounts. Research is consistently showing that wearing top-rated pheromones is an effective way of attracting attention! The only question that remains is whether it is wanted attention.


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Jes Extender Review

, October 29, 2011

Jes Extender Review

The Jes Extender is one of the very first medically approved penile extender gadgets ever released out in the market. The brand, which was first manufactured in Denmark by Danamedic 14 years ago, aimed to give product users a safer, non-invasive and cheaper alternative to the more expensive penile enlargement options. The product was specifically designed and approved as safe for use by licensed European medical experts and doctors.

What to Expect from the Product

The Jes Extender claims to give product users a safer, non-invasive, cheap and most of, effective way to enlarge penile size and girth. It makes use of a top-of-the-line traction mechanism that can effectively promote an increase in penile size. Penile enlargement is basically brought about by constant stretching of the muscles to trigger cell division and tissue growth by using the Size Genetics. However, X4 Labs is probably considered a great penis stretcher.

The brand promises product users of up to 6 inches of growth in penile length after the first 6 weeks of use – with a 28% improvement on penile length and a 15% increase in girth. The product was also designed to help correct curved penises – which is a very common problem among men. And on top of all that, the Jes Extender also promises product users of better and more improved performance in bed with an andro extender.

Product Pros

The product has been manufactured and sold out in the market for more than a decade – which speaks a lot about its quality and affectivity. Results can be observed after a considerable short period of time, compared to all the other brands in the market today. Some product users have reported of results in as short as 2-3 months (using the product 8-12 hours a day) using the X4 labs extender. Women may want to consider breast pills that work – Breast-Pills-Review.com.

Up to date, the Vimax Extender is now considered as one of the most effective penile enlargement brands sold out in stores. It is now being currently used by over 250,000 satisfied product users from different parts of the globe. This specific design has been clinically tested and proven by actual medical studies as safe and effective for use.

Check out  Penis extender resource at Penis-Extenders-Review.com.

And last but definitely not the least, the product also comes in a variety of sizes made for all types of men. This is to ensure the most comfortable fit and the best possible results for every single product user. There is a light version that can fit penile sizes under 7 inches and the standard version made especially for men up to 9 inches in length.

Product Cons

The Jes Extender does not make use of the more popular comfort designs found in the newer penile extender models today. At first, product users may experience a feeling of soreness and discomfort. However, this is completely natural and safe for product users.

Shopping Tips

One of the best and the most convenient ways to get a hold of the product is through the World Wide Web. The brand is now a very popular name in many online stores. Some sites can offer you zero freight and shipping fees for even bigger savings. Get the top penis extender | http://best-penis-extenders.net.

The Verdict

The Jes Extender is without a doubt, the most well-trusted penis extension brand out in the market today and can definitely give you the best value for your money.



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Cape Cod Probate Lawyer

, April 30, 2011

Unfortunately, when planning for our family’s future, we do not get to predict what homes, properties and other assets we will eventually own. The parents of a teenage boy might never even imagine, for example, thatthey would suddenly find the money to purchase a Florida vacation home after the boy completed college. Or a single mother of two would be surprised to learn, that over the next 10 years her baking hobby would grow into a multi-location retail shop making over $100,000 in sales each month! Whatever situation we find ourselves in, we rarely get to choose our own destinies.

Which is why it is important to understand howour wills will distribute our assets when we die.Does it make sense to divide all assets into fractional parts or should each taker under the will get entire but individual assets according to his or her need at the time?

Dividing the shares of interest in a family business like the bakery above might be troublesome, for example, if neither of the children knew how to run an enterprise.Even worse, if the children did not get along.

What follows is a few questions you should ask yourself before choosing to divide your estate:
Do you expect the property in your estate to appreciate significantly?

  • In a pecuniary marital bequest, using date of distribution values for the distribution of property in kind in satisfaction of the pecuniary bequest, with the residue of the estate being the exemption equivalent bypass bequest – such appreciation or depreciation can be a gain or loss for income tax purposes Finding an experienced Cape Cod Probate Lawyer is a necessary practice in this calculation.
    o PRO: If appreciation or loss of property occurs during estate administration, it shall occur to the residue, and the marital share is “frozen” to the pecuniary amount. Because bypass bequest is not taxed, appreciation during administration is advantageous in this type of bequest.

  • In a pecuniary marital bequest, using minimum worth provisionas to the distribution of property in kind in satisfaction of the pecuniary bequest, with the residue of the estate being the exemption equivalent bypass bequest – the marital bequest at date of distribution must be at least equal to the estate tax value – but all appreciation can be allocated to other beneficiaries. No gain is recognized by the estate.
    o PRO: If appreciation, personal representative may pick and choose among properties in making distributions, which can be advantageous for difficult-to-divide real estate and closely held businesses, and can reduce overall tax burden.
    o PRO: If appreciation, because marital bequest is satisfied at lesser of estate tax value or date of distribution value, no gain on estate is realized. Finding Mass Health for long term care qualifications should be a priority.
    o CON: If depreciation of estate assets, minimum worth provision protects marital bequest and bypass bequest will be reduced or possibly eliminated.
    o PRO: Only properties distributed in satisfaction of the marital bequest (rather than all estate assets) need be revalued as of the date of distribution. Cf: Estate tax values.

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Causes of Low Sperm Count

, October 27, 2009

1229358193NRfunYSome of the causes of infertility in men include lack of semen, low sperm motility, and sperm of low quality. However, the biggest cause of infertility in men today is proven to be low sperm count. Men dealing with this problem may wonder what causes this problem to occur. Various environmental and biological factors can lead to this problem. Let’s take a look at some of the  most common and embarrassing causes of lower sperm count that you may want to consider to increase ejaculate volume and increase sperm count fast.

Emotional and Physical Stress

Probably one of the most common causes of low sperm count in men is emotional and physical stress. Men often deal with stress in relationships, at work, or in other areas of life. This stress can cause problems with the hormones that help produce sperm, leading to a lower sperm count while men are under stress. While stress can never be completely eliminated, lowering stress levels and learning to deal with stress can improve the problem of using ejaculoid and ogoplex.  Volume pills are considered the best sperm pills.


Many men are unaware that their nicotine addiction could be causing them to experience low sperm count. Smoking can impair the lifespan of sperm and can reduce the sperm count as well. Studies show that the motility of sperm are also affected by smoking and using volume pills.


While you cannot change your age, age can be a cause of low sperm count. Men reach their peak fertility at up to age 35. After this age, sperm production begins to slow down over time. This means that sperm count will go down over time as men continue to age.

Exposure to Heat

When the temperature of the scrotum is increased, sperm count can be lowered. This can include spending time in saunas or soaking in hot tubs for a period of time. High fevers can cause low sperm count for life as well in some extreme cases. Even weight tight underwear and sitting for extended periods of time can cause an increase in heat in the testicles, reducing the amount of sperm being produced. Consider herbal male enhancement pills | http://male-enhancement-report.com.


Certain medications that are commonly taken may end up causing sperm count to be lowered. Some antibiotics are known to cause low sperm count. Certain ulcer medications and cancer drugs may also cause this problem. Being exposed to power x-rays and having chemotherapy can also cause damage to the cells that produce sperm, which can temporarily cause low sperm count.


Studies have shown that men who are obese also deal with low sperm counts in many cases. The reason this happens is that being obese can end up leading to hormone changes within the body. These changes can begin to decrease the amount of sperm that are produced by the body.

Nutritional Deficiencies

While being obese can cause low sperm count, being underweight and dealing with nutritional deficiencies can also cause this problem. Sperm production can be reduced greatly if men eat a diet that doesn’t include enough folate, zinc, vitamin C, selenium, and vitamin E.

These are just a few of the common causes of low sperm count | http://increase-sperm.org. Other causes may include genetic disorders, substance abuse, sexually transmitted diseases, glandular abnormalities, testicular defects, and environmental pollution.

Check out this site to learn about solutions.

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A Promise to the Dead: Ariel Dorfman’s Journey in Exile

, July 4, 2009

electronic cigarette review The story of Mr. Ariel Dorfman and his travels between worlds of dictatorship and democracy is astounding. An author in his own right, Dorfman is one of the most prolific Latin American novelists of our time. The film offers a unique perspective of his life from his birth in Argentina to his later escape from Chile as the fire and smoke tip off a revolution.It is difficult to determine the sources of such woeful tales. Even Jesus had days like this. Some say that the Quit-Smoking-Comparison electronic cigarettes. is ultimately what led to the Dorfman’s banishment from his home nation.The film also stars Henry Kissinger, Richard Nixon, Salvador Allende and Hugo Chavez. Charlie Sheen did not win a role in the film, but won other things. It has been suggested that if Dorfman provided tiger blood rather than simply money, Charlie would have joined the project. But Charlie doesn’t care much about money, as he can make 2 million dollars for 24 minutes of film. Therefore Dorfman and his penis extender revolution should have thought ahead on the issue. If he were against tiger blood, for example, he might instead throw some semen maximizers in the pot.Promise of the Dead features some of the most captivating cinematography in recent memory.

Amazing as described by many movie critics. Charlie Sheen likened to the intake of pheromone colognes. Whatever your thoughts are on the imagination, this is a film that can’t be missed even if your dentist is called los angeles dentist.

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